Nicola Diodovich

Diodovich s.a.s.
Piazza Repubblica 22
20124 Milano

Tel: +39 2 29 00 10 65
Mob: +39 33 56 40 61 43
Email: diodovich(at)

Nicola Diodovich

Nicola is a graduate of Milan University with a degree in Economics. His early career included increasingly senior positions in strategic and human resources management with major international corporations such as IBM and Sperry (now Unisys), followed by periods spent working with strategic consulting firms on large scale restructuring projects.


In 1984 he started his own consultancy to work with the senior management of multinational companies to design and implement major programs to improve organizational efficiencies and strengthen their human capital. Nicola, after having managed in the past the search and selection for senior managerial and professional positions, today focusses mainly on organization development consultancy services to international businesses.


The main sectors in which Nicola operates are ICT, Manufacturing, Bank, Services and Energy.

The distinctive features are passion, involvement, proactivity and innovation.


In addition to his mother tongue of Italian, Nicola speaks English.


Nicola practices Martial Arts and flies airplanes.

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